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FunsClub is our way of thanking you for shopping with us. To join, you need to be resident in the Republic of Ireland, 18 years or over, and create a Funsclub account in any FunTech store. Find your nearest store here.

Collecting FunsClub points

Accumulate points with every purchase.

Collecting FunsClub points

Spend, Receive, Redeem

One point is collected for every €20 spent, with 100 Funsclub points worth €100 in Funsclub reward vouchers.

Funtech Electronics Store

3 month extended warranty

Funs Club members will get 3 month extended warranty on purchased products in our shops. It means product warranty + 3 month extra warranty! 3 months warranty on phone, tablets repair.

FunsClub 3 month extended warranty

No physical receipt required for warranty

After you have been join Funs Club membership, you no need to be a worried about lost receipt, to return or fix your product. As a member your purchase have been registered.

FunsClub 3 month extended warranty

Weekly draw from all members

Every week we'll surprise some lucky customers with a little gift. Could it be you? The weekly Member Prize Draw is only available to members of Funs Club. If you want to join us, you can do so in branch shops.

Funtech Electronics Store

Offers just for you

We`ll give you exclusive offers, based on the things we know you love. Exclusively for FunsClub members only!

Funtech Electronics Store

Big Brands For Less

If you are not FunsClub member yet, you can visit our sales page and find things for you.

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Funtech Electronics Sale

Funtech Electronics Sale Funtech Electronics Sale