UGREEN USB Data Transfer Cable for Mac/Windows - 2M
UGREEN USB Data Transfer Cable for Mac/Windows - 2M
UGREEN USB Data Transfer Cable for Mac/Windows - 2M
UGREEN USB Data Transfer Cable for Mac/Windows - 2M
UGREEN USB Data Transfer Cable for Mac/Windows - 2M


UGREEN USB Data Transfer Cable for Mac/Windows - 2M

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UGREEN USB Data Transfer Cable for Mac/Windows - 2M

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Data transfer cable features to built point to point connection between 2 computers over the USB ports for data and file transfer. (2M)

Data Transfer Cable

Bridge for direct file and data transfer by connecting 2 computers, easily migrate files from old computer to newly upgrade the computer, without the hassle of setting sharing network or any external storage device.

Wide Compatibility

Data link cable that suit for data transfer between PC to PC, PC to Laptop as well as Laptop to Laptop, fully compatible with computers in Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP and as well as Mac OS computer.

Plug and Play

Built-in driver with KM Link Software, run the KM Link on both computers to set up the bridge, simply drag and drop or copy and paste for file transfer between 2 computers, easy to operate.

USB 2.0 Standard

Supports maximum data transfer rate up to 480Mbps for files transfer, manage to migrate the files without size limitation, quick and convenient over the external disk or through the network.

How It Works:

1. Simply plug in the USB connectors to your computers.

2. Run the Mac KM Link software on Both computers to activate the connection between 2 computers.

3. Open the Software on 1 computer, the files on the other device will appear in the Software window, simply drag to current computer's desktop folder for file transfer.

4. You can also copy the files in the Software windows and Paste on the desktop folder of operating computer for file transfer.


Could I use a Micro USB adaptor on a Windows tablet with this cable?
If the female port of Micro USB adaptor is a USB port, this cable will work on your Windows tablet.
Do you need Windows Administrative privileges to use this device (does it need to install anything on the Windows side to work)?
It will install the KM Link program on both computers.
I want to transfer files from an old desktop computer to a new desktop computer and I only have one monitor can I still use this product?
The USB data link cable supports cross-system data transfer between two PC hosts, so only one monitor won't take effect.
Can I transfer files from a win7 computer to a win 10 computer?
Can this transfer photo's, music etc. automatically, without having to drag and drop selections?
Sorry, It can’t transfer data automatically.
Can I transfer files between Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 with this cable?
Will this allow you to transfer programs off your desktop to a new machine?
Yes, this USB Data Transfer Cable can support transferring program data files between computers.
Does this USB data transfer cable bridge work between two Linux ubuntu systems?
Sorry, it does NOT support Linux ubuntu systems.
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